Now Springdale Health Integrative Clinic’s patients can have Virtual Visits ( consult with the physician ) via Email ( and when necessary for clarification via phone ). This service will require a fee paid in advance of the consultation and will not be charged or billed to insurance at all.

Please note not all consults are amenable to Virtual Visits. If you consider your problem to be Urgent of Emergent call 911 or visit your local Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Virtual Visits are appropriate for medical issues such as: Sore throats, urinary infections, uncomplicated pink eye, common cold and sinuses, etc.

For this kind of visit we will not prescribe any narcotic, benzodiazepine or any other DEA controlled substance. Those visits require a formal clinic evaluation by the doctor.




Please fill up this contact form. Then proceed to make a payment on our secure Paypal Account.



Once you get a “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” message, please click on the Paypal button below to be redirected to our paying portal. Once the payment has been made, allow 4-6 hours during regular hours to get back to you.