Do you fear needles? No need with us!


NEEDLE FREE ACUPUNCTURE We have acupuncture treatments that do not use needles and are pain free. That been said, in general our acupuncture is usually a pleasant experience. Acupuncture stimulates specific points along these pathways using thin, solid metal needles to penetrate the skin. Acupuncture needles have a round edge so they don’t cut the […]

Alternative Pain Management

We are the area’s best integrative medical facility. By providing regular medical care with novel alternatives such as: PRP Stem Cell and Amniotic Shots Trigger Point Injections and Joint Injections Low dose Naltrexone and Medical Marijuana Physician Certifications Medical Acupuncture, TCM, Cupping and Moxa We are able to treat pain in a natural and alternative […]

Low dose naltrexone

Naltrexone is a medication used to revert narcotic overdose. However, in recent years, some information about use of Low dose Naltrexone has been accumulating, and experience treating complicated symptoms has been seen. Some sources recommend LDN for a vast range of medical conditions, the majority of which have not been subjected to any scientific study. […]

Natural Pain Treatment

  If you are suffering from unwanted pain, we can help you via Natural Pain Management. Medications only serve to mask pain, and while they certainly can reduce what you feel, they will not make it go away. We offer exclusive supplements and procedures to ease off pain, such as Medical Acupuncture, Far infrared heat, […]