Natural Pain Management

Natural Pain Management In Springdale Health we are able to help you decrease the pain, temporarily or permanently. You should not be living in pain anymore. Life is meant to be lived happily! In our clinic we offer: Partial Relief of pain: Medical Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Far Infrarred Heat Specific Microcurrent Permanent Pain Relief Stem […]


HealingMat-Amethyst Our HealingMat-Amethyst is already in our clinic. So, what does the mat do? The HealingMat-Amethyst’s state of the art technology synergizes three components, offering a unique combination of therapeutic applications to support both your body and mind on the path to a higher level of well-being. Gives you All natural pain relief. The use […]

Alternative Pain Management

According to Wikipedia, Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli, such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting alcohol on a cut, and bumping the “funny bone”. Because it is a complex, subjective phenomenon, defining pain has been a challenge. The International Association for the Study of Pain’s widely used definition […]

Medical Acupuncture

ACUPUNCTURE: WHAT IS IT? Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. This is done by inserting needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points. In our practice we use it primarily for the treatment of pain and anxiety. However as this post […]