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In Springdale Health Integrative Clinic, we successfully treat varicose veins .  Not all veins can be treated with non invasive procedures. Some will require varicose vein surgery. Our treatments are considered cosmetic and are not covered by health insurances. This is a CASH only procedure.

We can treat your Spider Veins in 2 ways:
1. ND YAG Laser: Able to target small spider veins called also telangiectasis and ablate them. This is best for smaller veins. 
2. Polidocanol: We identify the areas to treat, clean the skin and inject a sclerosing solution into the veins. The solution will irritate and collapse the veins permanently. Because we mix our sclerosin solutions with a numbing agent, the pain experienced is minimal. The downtime is also minimal, in comparison to an invasive varicose vein surgery.
Sclerotherapy is the “gold standard” and is preferred over laser for eliminating large spider veins (telangiectasiae). Unlike a laser, the sclerosing solution additionally closes the “feeder veins” under the skin that are causing the spider veins to form, thereby making a recurrence of the spider veins in the treated area less likely.
We also are able to foam the Polidocanol, further enhancing our treatments.
The patient’s leg is then compressed with either stockings or bandages that they wear usually for a few days after treatment. Patients are also encouraged to walk regularly during that time. It is common practice for the patient to require at least two treatment sessions separated by several weeks to significantly improve the appearance of their leg veins.
We ask for an initial evaluation to get to know your case well and design a custom treatment plan for you. To get an initial evaluation appointment you can call our phone 479-419-9955  and ask to be treated by Dr. Suarez or you can BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE here:

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