We offer Medical Cannabis ( Marijuana ) certification for patients. According to the State of Arkansas, there are conditions you require, both medical and non-medical.

We charge $200 for initial certification, $150 for recertification. No insurance. It is a 30-45 minute appointment. Please bring Arkansas ID ( such as driver’s license ) and medical records to expedite the process.

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Additional information:

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Program: Information

  1. To qualify for Medical Marijuana in Arkansas, patients must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. If under eighteen (18) years of age, the minor patient must obtain parental consent.
  2. Patients must be a resident of Arkansas and provide proof of residency through a valid Driver’s License or valid State Identification Card.
  3. Patients must be diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition*** see below
  4. Patients must have an official written Certification from the qualified physician.
  5. Patients must then submit an application for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card (Medical Marijuana Card). Patients can submit applications online here or mail the application to Arkansas Department Of Health Medical Marijuana Section 4815 West Markham Slot 50 Little Rock, AR 72205
    • The Application Fee is $50.00 and Non-Refundable.
  6. If the application is approved, the state will notify the approved patient and mail the Identification Card to the address listed in the application.

With respect to medicine, the conditions accepted by the state are the following:

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Qualification

Patients in Arkansas diagnosed with one or more of the following “debilitating medical conditions”, are afforded legal protection under the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment: