Cell Phone Shield

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. An EMF is an invisible field created by all electric, magnetic and wireless fields of energy. EMFs occur two different ways; Naturally and Man-Made. Man-Made EMFs Almost Everyone is Exposed to Man-made EMFs. Mankind is now permanently connected to a world that is increasingly saturated with distorted chaotic energetic wave […]


SPRINGDALE HEALTH INTEGRATIVE CLINIC MEDSPA This year we are expanding our Aesthetic services. By 2016 we should be a full Medspa ready to make you look your best.  Please take a look at our expanded and New Aesthetic Services 2015 : PRP Stem Cell for Wrinkles: Facial rejuvenation PRP Stem Cell for Hair Restoration: Clinic […]

Welcome to Springdale Health Integrative Clinic

Welcome to Springdale Health Integrative Clinic Who are we? We are Springdale Health Integrative Clinic. Our clinic is a fully digital with a state-of-the-art electronic medical record system. It is our  goal to provide our patients with exceptional Integrative Medical Care. Integrative Medicine is the discipline of medicine that integrates and builds upon Occidental Medicine. […]