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Issues with hormones?
Issues with hormones?

All people that live in the city with very chaotic, stressful lives, deadlines to meet, social expectations to cover, etc can cause the patients to feel tired, sleepy or sleepless, overeat or under eat, have mood swings, etc.

General Physicians are able to tackle the symptoms of this problem by prescribing antidepressants, anti anxiety medication, regular western hormones with varied success.

We are able to provide a different spin on this issue.

Did you know blood work doesn’t measure hormones well? It is definitely not a good measurement for measuring working hormones in the tissues where they act. We are able to offer much better evaluation for your hormonal testing which is more accurate and thus we are able to prescribe and adjust the hormonal levels better.

Did you know that oral hormones are the worse way to supplement hormones? We are able to compound natural hormones through our partners and are able to give better relief to your problems. On top of hormones we are able to add on the right supplements to make the patient step out of the problem.

Allow us to evaluate you and provide a treatment plan for your problems. We provide the best anti aging medicine for you.

We ask for an initial evaluation to get to know your case well and design a custom treatment plan for you. To get an initial evaluation appointment you can call our phone 479-419-9955  and ask to be treated by Dr. Suarez or you can BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE ( GO TO ACUTE VISIT )  here:




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