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Is a very frequent skin condition. 80 million Americans suffer from this problem. Acne is more frequent in youth and adolescents and is frequent in males and females.

Human skin, especially on the face, neck, back, and chest is covered in hundreds of thousands of microscopic hair follicles, often called pores.

When these follicles sometimes overproduce cells and become blocked by sebum (oil) . Normally sebum normally drains to the surface. When it gets trapped bacteria begins to grow.

All acne lesions start out as a microcomedone

The cause of acne is unknown. The process by which a pimple develops is highly intricate.

How do we treat acne?

Non inflammatory acne is treated with the usual combos you can find on any pharmacy:
1. Maintenance
are ways to have a healthy skin

2. Exfoliate
Can be done using chemical Peels or VI Peel
Can be done using IPL Photofacials
Can be done via microdermabrasion
Can be done using prescriptions such as REtin-A and Accutane

3. Reduce bacterial Load
Can be done with antibiotics.
Can be done even with high concentration Benzoil Peroxide.

4. Reduce Sebaceous Glands: The glands that produce sebum ( oil )
Can be done with Lasers
Can be done using Photo dynamic ALA treatments.

Most of these procedures can be done right at our clinic. Not all patients need to do all of these treatments to feel better. However we pride ourselves of providing care that goes well beyond what most physicians can offer for acne.

We believe that acne needs to be treated immediately as not treating it can lead to scars and this lead to depression and social withdrawal on the adolescent. Sometimes as little as 1 year of having uncontrolled acne can make you develop lifelong scars.

We ask for an initial evaluation to get to know your case well and design a custom treatment plan for you. To get an initial evaluation appointment you can call our phone 479-419-9955  and ask to be treated by Dr. Suarez or you can BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE  ( GO TO ACUTE VISIT ) here:


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