Our Services

Our Services

At Springdale Health Integrative Clinic we pride ourselves to offer our services in 5 separate service units:


1. Springdale Health Family Medicine
 We take care of a variety of medical conditions. We see patients all the way from Age 2 to 99 years of age.

2. Springdale Health Aesthetics
We can make you look younger with our Aesthetic Services

Body Aesthetics
Medical Weight Loss
Weight Loss and Energy Shots
Botox and Dermal Fillers
Mesotherapy: Lipodissolve injections. Lose fat from chin, underarms, “lovehandles”, etc.
Anti Aging Medicine : Rejuvenate yourself through hormones and supplements
Laser Hair Removal : Remove hair today
Tattoo Removal by laser : For Black, grey and blue dyes
Lipodissolve Cavitation: Fat Buster

Head and Facial Aesthetics
PRP Stem Cells for Wrinkles
PRP Stem Cells for Hair restoration: Men and Women
Microdermabrasion: Mechanical exfoliation of the skin
Chemical Peels: Chemical exfoliation and cleaning of the skin
VI Peel: Deeper Chemical exfoliation of the skin
Acne Therapies : Treat your acne effectively today
HIFU for wrinkles : Eliminate wrinkles and tonify your skin without surgery or needles!
Laser Hair Removal : Remove hair today
Laser Skin Rejuvenation : Use the power of laser to give your face a better look

3. Springdale Health Regenerative Medicine
Western Medicine is not preventive, it is reactive. Springdale Health Integrative Clinic services go beyond occidental medicine into the 21st Century to regenerate your body’s structures.
Stem Cell Therapy

4. Springdale Health Integrative Medicine
We also offer a holistic and integrative approach to medicine integrating western diagnosis with eastern and alternative treatments.

Medical Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine

Alternative Medicine and Supplements

Far Infrarred therapy.


5. Springdale Health Occupational Medicine
DOT CDL Physicals
Sports Physicals
Drug Screens

Some patients LOSE OVER 40 lbs in 6 months!
Our Medical Weight Loss packages rely on diet, exercise and an exclusive mixture of diet pills, fat burning shots and weight loss supplements we have put together for you! Sign up for exclusive offers and news!

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